It's Time
To Take The Right Step!
The time has come to make a difference and let the voice(s) of our community be heard.  It is time to focus on the best interest of our community and its future.  For these reasons, I ask for your help, signature, and donations in order to be placed on the 2016 ballet! 
It is time to rebuild, restructure, and re-establish the Republican Party and its values.  It is time to diversify and reach out to our youth and represent and voice the concerns for citizens, conservatives, and future Republicans.

Roberto Carlos

For a better

I am not a politician but a person who is tired of empty promises.  I share the same struggles as all those in the community.  It is time to work together and take the right step to move our community in the right direction.
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Our Cities are waiting for a change!

The people from the cities of the Phoenix Metropolitan area are waiting for leaders to emerge, who will put the interest of the cities above politician's own agendas.  Phoenix and the surrounding cities are in need of a positive economic outlook and innovation, to allow the city to thrive in the future.   

Increase job opportunies

Family values

Phoenix and the sorrounding Metropolitan area are one of the largest cities in the United States.  The unemployement is 4.5% well under the federal average.   However, we need to invest in future industry sectors to become an area of innovation and technology.  Reduce trade with Asia and increase trade with Latin America to support our neighbors.  And lastly, work with education programs to attract the youth in degrees and certifications of the future.
The children of the future generation are growing up with negative influences and with lower success potential.  This generation are developing themselves; at times not for the best, and becoming less involved with the community and and future outlooks. 

Community Development

Diversify the Republican Party

It is no secret that the Republican Party is going through major changes.  This is the time to rebuild the Republican Party for what it really is; a party of conservative values and not of demographics.  It is time to diversify the party to include all those conservatives and all those who enjoy their freedoms and liberties. 
In order to make our communities safer and more attractive, community development will be key in order to attract citizens, businesses, and investors.  If the people of communities can work together to rebuild their communities; ncluding education, and long-term investments will occur and property values will increase.
Youth Outreach
There is no doubt that the future is changing the manner in which people think!  This does not mean  that the conservative manner of thinking is old, we must make adjustments for the future without hindering our values and principles.
It is time to reach our younger generations and pave the way for our future.  The Republican Party has been out of touch with the youth and now it is time to involve our young to become leaders of the community and the party.

Roberto Carlos Alfaro for a better California

Support Roberto Carlos Alfaro and help sign his petition!

Roberto Carlos Alfaro is a thinker, strategist, a lion hearted manager, restorative, fast learner, contextual, futuristic, 
Roberto Carlos Alfaro is a thinker, who ponders and is very in tune with many subject matters.  Roberto Carlos tries to put issues into prospective, and he uses logic and rational in order to come to conclusions.  Roberto Carlos is a writer and you can access some of his articles via different outlets.
Roberto Carlos Alfaro graduated with a BBA/MBA in Strategic Management and enjoys strategy, planning, and execution.  Roberto Carlos enjoys the nature of competition, especially in a business and economic setting.  The mission of the business he is developing is to create competitive advantages for small businesses in order to compete against larger organizations.

Roberto Carlos Alfaro is a lion-hearted manager who performs better under pressure.  He has been a functional manager for over 15 years and understands how to lead and manage. 

Roberto Carlos Alfaro enjoys fixing problems and enjoys finding solutions for problems.  His restorative nature allows him to take a different view and a different perspective to solve issues.

Rpberto Carlos Alfaro is a quick learner and capable of gaining insight rather quickly.  He is able to adapt quickly to his environment to become effective and efficient.  He completed his Masters and Bachelors program while working a full-time project management job.  He also spent time in China, Europe, and Latin America, where Roberto Carlos had to emerge himself with the culture. 

Roberto Carlos Alfaro unerstands the importance of understanding history in order to move towards the future.  Roberto Carlos stated "One must understand where they have been, in order to know where they are going!"   
Roberto Carlos Alfaro is a strategic manager who thinks in terms of long-term.  Roberto's focus is to create a sustainable community for tomorrow and the future!